Bowling Liquidation

900Global Dark Matter

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  • $94.99
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  • Available Weights: 12#, 13#, 14#, 15#, 16#
  • Lane Condition: Medium/Heavy
  • RG: 2.52
  • Differential: .040
  • Core: Dome Symmetric
  • Cover: S60 Solid
  • Box Finish: 1500 Polish
  • Color: Navy/Ocean Blue
Dark Matter. It's been purely theoretical until now - but you can harness the Dark Matter from 900 Global!
The Dome Symmetric design of the core features a high RG/Medium Differential Core which makes it perfect for going long and striking hard on the backend. This core brings control and maximum energy retention due to its shape.
The S60 Solid Coverstock shined to a 1500-grit polished finish skids easily through the heads and conserves energy to deliver to the pins. The cool Navy/Ocean Blue color makes this a sleek-looking ball going down the lane, too!